10 South Van Ness Avenue Mixed-Use Project (Case File No. 2015-004568ENV)

10SVN AB900 Record of Proceedings

Project Description:

The proposed 10 South Van Ness Avenue Mixed-Use Project is located on the block bounded by South Van Ness Avenue, 12th Street and Market Street.  The proposed project includes demolition of the existing two-story building on the project site and redevelopment of the site with a residential complex with ground-floor retail, totaling 1,071,095 gross square feet. The proposed project would include two 41-story, 400-foot-tall towers
(420 feet, including rooftop features) over podiums, and would contain 984 dwelling units. Below grade, the two structures would be connected by two basement parking levels accessed from 12th Street, with up to 518 parking spaces, 336 bicycle parking spaces and six loading docks. New publicly accessible open space would be provided in the form of a plaza at the intersection of South Van Ness Avenue, 12th Street, and Otis Street, and a mid-block pedestrian-oriented right-of-way that would run between the two towers from South Van Ness Avenue to 12th Street under the proposed project or from Market Street to 12th Street under the variant.

The project sponsor is considering a variant to the proposed project that would include a single 55-story tower over a podium, totaling 1,072,989 gross square feet. The variant tower would be up to 590 feet in height
(610 feet total, including roof screens and elevator penthouses). The variant would be similar to the proposed project in that it would provide 984 dwelling units, ground-floor retail space, two levels of underground parking, and a pedestrian-oriented right-of-way through the project site. The variant would require adoption of legislative amendments to the General Plan and the Zoning Map Height and Bulk Districts to permit construction of a 590-foot-tall building on the site.   

Both the proposed project and the variant would include improvements to 12th Street consistent with the Better Streets Plan. The project sponsor is considering alternate improvements to 12th Street for both the proposed project and variant that would widen the eastern and western sidewalks and include two mixed-flow travel lanes, with one lane running in each direction.

Environmental Leadership Development Project (AB 900):

The Governor of the State of California has certified the project as an Environmental Leadership Development Project under Chapter 6.5 (commencing with section 21178) of the Public Resources Code, which provides, among other things, that any judicial action challenging the certification of the EIR or the approval of the project described in the EIR is subject to the procedures set forth in sections 21185 to 21186, inclusive, of the Public Resources Code. In accordance with Public Resources section 21186(a) and (b), documents and other materials placed in the record of proceedings can be found here. Additional public notice has been separately provided regarding the Governor’s certification, in accordance with the requirements of the Public Resources Code.

For questions related to the documents in the AB900 Record of Proceedings for the 10 South Van Ness Avenue Mixed-Use Project please contact the San Francisco Planning Department at CPC.10SouthVanNess@sfgov.org.